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In recent years, Nanotechnology has become a topic of discussion. It is seen as the key to bring a fast generation of computers, cures for diseases, solving problems such as climate change, energy crisis to mention.

Do we understand what Nanotechnology/ Nano-tech is? In our review today, we take a look at the emerging technology that brings us closer to the cure of diseases and to solving problems we face as a society. With a question, will nanotechnology fulfill its intended obligation?

nano material

History of nano technology.

When Richard Feynman (American physicist) said, “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” most of the audience did not grasp that he meant the need to use technology at the nanoscale. Later on, Norio Taniguchi, a (Japanese scientist) uses the term nanotechnology to describe semiconductor processes.

there is no definition of nanotechnology with contrasting definitions we can define nanotech as

The study and use of matter in the scale of 1 nanometer to 100 nanometers in size. Nanotechnology is the study and applications of tiny things and can be applied, across all fields.

Applications terms of nano technology


This is the application of Nano tech in the health sector, from the use of nano materials, medical sensors and biological machines.

nano material application on an injured wrist.

Imagine a nano machine that can destroy cancer cells or rewrite the DNA to prevent hereditary diseases. this technology is a breakthrough in the medicine sector.


Making art at the nano scale.

nano art taking art to the molecular level.

It is a discipline that involves art and nanotechnology. They are Natural or synthetic structures with features sized at the nanometer scale observed by using the microscope, hence nano art.


this is the use of nano technology in the integration of electrical components. the the use of silicon MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, or MOS transistor) technology generations are already within this regime, including 22 nanometer nano-electronics is already in place making the circuit to reduce in size an increase the power.

Nano energy

As time goes by energy is becoming a basic need in the current society, thus more efficient and sustainable technologies for generating and storing energy are becoming important Nano technology seems to be the key to solve the energy crisis. Example is in the making of solar cells, energy storage and recovery of oils and gases.

Dr. Wade Adams (Rice University), “energy will be the most pressing problem facing humanity in the next 50 years and nanotechnology has potential to solve this issue”


This is the combination of nanotechnology and biology. The most important objectives that are frequently found in nano-biology involve the use of nano tools to relevant medical/biological problems.

Biology being the study of living things/ organisms nano-biotech is major in the medicine sector.

nano industry

The application of technology in any industry is a turning point in the quality and the kind of products that is produced. Nano tech in the industry applications are, sunscreen is more radiation resistant, synthetic bones are stronger, car bumpers are lighter, clothes are more stain repellant, , cell phone screens are light weight. Food industries use nano tech to enhance texture and flavor and better preserve food to prevent micro-organisms in packaging.

Green nano-tech

The use of nanotechnology to enhance the environmental sustainability is a major application of Nano tech. The need to conserve the environment is the most important task that nano tech will solve. As time goes by the environmental situation changes. if we go back in time the environment was much green compared to today. There is a need to preserve our home.

Nano technology in warfare

The application of nanotechnology for defense and warfare has led to research on the weaponization of this technology. It holds ethical implications for society. The use of a nanomachine in the purpose of defense is a double-edged sword with the utmost success and most dangerous weapon. It is all dependent on the one who holds the sword.Summary

“There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” nanotech is dependent on the amount of space you use. Imagine a truck that can transform into a sports car! is this just a dream, or will it be realized? only time holds the answer to what nanotechnology is capable of.

nano materials

This can be the most revolutionary technology and the most dangerous technology.

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