Timeline of the Industrial Revolution

Every new technology ushers a new era. When you combine several technologies together we get more than an era we have a Revolution.


The industrial revolution is the transition to new manufacturing processes. It involves a change in an economy marked by the general introduction of power-driven machinery or by an important change in the prevailing types and methods of use of such machines.

First Industrial Revolution.

The first industrial revolution began in the 18th century and proceeded to the 19 century. It was a period of transition from using hand production methods to the new machinery, Iron production processes, and Chemical manufacturing.

The Second Industrial Revolution

The Second Industrial Revolution is known as the Technological era. It applies science in manufacturing and mass production. The second Revolution is the improved first industrial Revolution. This Revolution was caused by people trying to find a better way to increase goods and food production.

  • Communication
  • Electricity
  • Military Revolution
  • Steel power

Third Industrial Revolution

Welcome to the digital age 1965 — current. It is the transition from Mechanical analog electronic technology to digital technology. The Third Industrial Revolution was the Digital Revolution which led to the digitization of the manufacturing industries.

  • Computer
  • programmable logic circuits

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new era that focuses on automation, interconnectivity, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and data. The 4IR is an age that describes the combination of the physical, digital, and biological worlds.

  • Machine Learning
  • Quantum Computing
  • 3D Printing
  • Automation
  • The internet of Things and the Cloud


“When the industrial revolution happened there was the Luddistic movement, and there was a fear that machinery would replace all the labor. Whenever we had a technological revolution we had this fear. So if you look backward, these fears were not justified, and I think they were driven by our very human inability to visualize what new jobs will be created by this new technology.”

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