The Era of Artificial intelligence!!

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5 min readMay 23, 2020

In recent years a trending and emerging technology are revolutionizing the world in various sectors including healthcare, agriculture, transport, and the education sectors just to mention. It is Artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI.

Today we take a deep dive into the impact of AI, a technology that has much to offer to our society and seems to improve the lives of millions of people.


It also goes by the name Machine intelligence. It is simply the intelligence of a machine. It is the opposite of natural intelligence which is demonstrated by humans and animals. AI is man-made intelligence that is heavily dependent on natural intelligence.

History of AI

It all began as a myth, story, rumors of a machine with the ability to think and act similarly as a human being. It dates back to 1308 when Catalan poet and theologian Ramon Llull published Ars generalis ultima (The Ultimate General Art), further perfecting his method of using paper-based mechanical means to create new knowledge from the combination of concepts. Today more research, advancement, and investment has been made AI is being realized at a greater scale with inventions and creation by companies. The most common AI is the smartphone, automatic or self-driving cars.

AI in our day to day lives

With AI slowly becoming a part of our life we are looking at a revolution that will alter the narrative.

1. Communication

With time personal mobile phones have become a basic need with everyone using one. This is a form of AI that has made communication easy, affordable, and accessible.

2. Smart cars and automobiles

It is a form of AI that has impacted the transport sector. Having a car that will drive you from one place to your destination is a realization of a dream. Companies have heavily invested in the transport sector, Tesla in the making of smart cars the impact is being felt.

3. Health sector

Medicine a major and crucial sector and has seen the fruits of AI.the integration of AI in the healthcare sector has enabled the diagnosis of diseases in real-time. the fight against diseases is at another level with innovations in the medical sector. Hospitals and healthcare centers are fast embracing AI-enabled technologies to facilitate everything from research to the detection of diseases.

AI in healthcare

Wearable technology that can monitor the body temperature the blood pressure and heartbeat make the monitoring of patients easy and reliable. They collect data and in the case of abnormal behavior in the body they alert the system, this has helped in preventing diseases and deaths of patients.


The agriculture sector has seen multiple revolutions and that does not stop today we are experiencing the agricultural revolution to the use of smart systems that are smart and can make decisions on their own. We see the interaction of AI in;

  • Agricultural Robots companies are creating autonomous robots that can handle important tasks such as harvesting.
  • Crop and Soil Monitoring AI system is data driven by analyzing the crops or the soil data is generated. In the case of a change in the soil pH the system alerts the system which is able take the needed steps in order to prevent loss of crops. This is soil monitoring.
  • Predictive Analytics by predicting weather patterns farmers will be able to plan what they shall plant depending on the foreseen weather pattern.

5. Education Sector

Education is a sector that will experience a rapid change due to artificial intelligence. due to the corona-virus, a change is being felt in the education sector as schools try to adopt new technology and virtual learning becoming a new mode of learning. Imagine being at home and attending a class in virtual reality.

Samsung VR gadget

Artificial intelligence will alter the education system.

6. Banking and Finance

Banking and finance since the introduction of the ATM and the mobile banking (M-pesa) the banking and finance sectors took a u-turn and immense change were experienced this connected the banking sector and made it safer reliable and time-saving sector. Today we are in the mobile banking era where we are conducting transactions from the comfort of our homes.

AI also provides customer experience and interactions at the front desk.this is a time-saving experience as one would spend time researching and trying to get answers.AI is transforming the banking sector.

7. meteorological sector

The Climate due to the ability of an AI to perform analysis and give a conclusive prediction the meteorological departments are using smart systems to curb climate change and predict weather patterns. With the data available an AI system can prevent a foreseen climate pattern e.g hurricane that might cause loss of lives and property.

With a smart system, this changes the narrative of climate change.

8. Industries

Industrialization with automation in the industries AI has made the processing and manufacturing in the industries and factories fast and increased the quality of the services provided by industries. It has also relieved people the manual works.

automation in car manufacturing industry

Drawbacks of AI

in the era of AI what are some of the draw backs of the technology?

  • High costs
  • Job loss is the most common draw back of AI. Even though AI will lead to a loss of jobs it also opens up opportunities in the computing sector.
  • Will AI surpass human intelligence?
  • Will an AI have human compassion an sympathy?
  • Can an AI think outside the box?
  • Will an AI be creative?


With the illustrations above it is justified to say that Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology that will alter the system by bringing a new mode of life. the era of artificial intelligence is here and it is irresistible an era that will similarly revolutionize the world that electricity transformed the society.
Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword as it is a disruptive technology. Even though the drawbacks are being felt even before AI is fully realized artificial intelligence is a tool meant to assist humans. AI and humans and not AI against humans.

Happy learning!!! hope you liked our article. Share your feedback through comments.

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